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Fleet Service

Fleet Service

Our Fleet Services cover businesses looking to minimize the costs of auto repair and down time on their vehicles. We work hard to make sure your fleet runs every day while keeping your maintenance and auto repair bills to a minimum.

    • Fleet Maintenance Records
    • Customized Maintenance Programs
    • Full Service Maintenance - One Stop Servicing!
    • Fleet Accounts & Volume Pricing


 "A good mechanic is hard to find. A trustworthy one is even harder to find! We found both at Stock's Underhood Specialists."
                                                                                                       Robert M.

Services We Offer For Your Fleet

Diagnosis, Service & Repairs For:

    • Engine Performance
    • Electrical Systems
    • Air Conditioning
    • Cooling System
    • Brake System
    • Suspension & Steering
    • Clutches & Transmissions
    • Computer Diagnostics
    • Tune-ups & Oil changes
    • Engine Repair & Replacement
    • Pre-Purchase Inspections
    • Safety & Emission Inspections
    • Exhaust System Repairs
    • Factory Recommended Maintenance

Ask about our "Street Fleet P.M." program.


"I am with the Rural Transit Assistance Center. We are funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation, and on several occasions we have asked Paul Stock to present a preventative maintenance workshop for our Spring Conference and also at our Regional Maintenance Centers. Here is what one attendee had to say:

Thank you so much for Paul Stocks "Maintaining 4 Your Future" program presented as part of the Regional Maintenance Center Workshops. The workshops have always been very informative, but this one in particular had immediate benefits.


As part of his program, Paul emphasized the importance of guarding against fluids contamination, including the impact of overheating on fluids. Id certainly heard that message at previous trainings, but it never hurts to hear it again.


I attended that workshop in Rockford on May 11, 2005 and on June 6, 2005, a water pump on one of our 2002 Ford Medium Duties developed a leak during a run and the vehicle overheated. It was towed into one of our local shops, and although it had just been serviced, I ordered an oil change and transmission flush in addition to the needed repairs.


When we picked up the bus, I asked the shop if the fluids were changed, and I was told the changes could wait until the next scheduled servicing in 3,000 miles. Hmmm. I didnt bother to argue with the shop, I just telephoned Paul Stock and asked his opinion. He not only reiterated that the work should be done immediately, but he helped me find a shop within thirty miles that could effectively flush both transmission fluid and engine oil.


The flushing was done while our driver waited, and the bus was back in service the next day. Since then, the bus has gone over 7,000 miles without problems.


Paul Stock is absolutely the most professional, up-to-date, and knowledgeable person I know. We are trying to get him to come back and do another preventative workshop so that new folks can receive his helpful advice."

All I can say is, Thank you, Paul!
Jacqueline W. Macomb, IL

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