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"The Best Maintenance Program on the Planet"
A National Award-Winning Preventive Maintenance Program

Caring for your vehicle

Caring for your vehicle

Car Care P.M. was started in 1986 when the popularity and presence of full-service stations began to wane. It offers quarterly inspections to make up for the loss of regular checks under the hood that were done with gasoline fill-ups. It's not about keeping the car in good-repair but keeping it well-maintained, there is a difference.

"His routine maintenance program has kept my families multiple vehicles from having a major breakdown on the road for the last ten years. We are very pleased and continue to recommend him to all that we meet."
                                                                                                               Howard P.

Although quick-lube facilities offer maintenance inspections, the problem is that the vehicle is reviewed the same way on each visit with a standard 14-point check. Car Care P.M. broadens the scope of periodic inspections by dividing the vehicle into four parts – the underhood, the undercarriage, the brakes and engine performance.

Our National Winning Awards

Our National Winning Awards

Our nationally award-winning service program is designed to monitor your vehicle and keep you educated about its condition. Essentially, you purchase four oil, lube and filters when you enroll your vehicle in Car Care P.M. With each quarterly oil change, you receive a detailed inspection that covers nearly 100 items.

Each item will be graded as good, marginal (needing service or repair in 6 months to a year) or critical (justifies the cost immediately). Your vehicle will be serviced by an ASE-certified technician who has experience looking at hundreds of makes and models. In addition to each 100-point inspection, each visit includes a check of the fluids, lights, safety equipment and tires.

While paying less than at most quick lubes, you’ll get more with Car Care P.M. than the same 14-point inspection with every oil change.

For $112.80 (our price has remained the same since 1992), you’ll receive:

  • 4 oil (up to 5 quarts), lube and filters (a $140 value)
  • 4 detailed inspections of your vehicle over the course of a year (a $129 value)
  • The opportunity to plan and budget for necessary maintenance (no surprises to the family budget)
  • The peace of mind that your vehicle is being well-maintained and will not leave you stranded (priceless)

"Service is great! As automobiles become more complicated to maintain, it is reassuring to know that the company we depend on for that maintenance is trustworthy, knowledgeable and well informed on the latest requirements for our cars."
Gary & Ann K.

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