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Slip slidin away, Slip slidin away, You know the nearer your destination….

What we knew yesterday about serpentine belts no longer applies today.  It used to be easy to look down at a belt and see it full of cracks and know that it was done for, but that no longer applies.  Belts are made different and no longer show the fatigue of many miles.  But this belt shows no severe wear but is slipping.  If you look at the deepest groove of the belt and the highest point of the pulley (red arrows point this out), you will see how polished the two surfaces are (alternator pulley edges look like chrome).  This belt was worn enough to be riding deep in the V-groove and once that happens the belt loses its grip and begins to slip (no noises will be heard due to newer belt materials) and the shiny grooves are now your best clue that things have gone too far.  Your mechanic has a special (orange) V-Groove gauge to measure the wear.  Once the grooves become polished the belt is no longer working properly.  A slipping belt may cause an undercharged battery, overheated engine, or other components to not function correctly.

Alternator pulley and belt

Showing the belt wear when it rides to deep and slips. Notice the polished mating surfaces.

Did you know that some belts are now stretched on!  Soon you won’t need any wrenches to fix your car.

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