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All car batteries are created equal – NOT!

Many of us believe this and therefore shop for the lowest price. And if all things were equal than that would be a fair assumption, however, there are merchants that dictate how your car battery will be built, so that they can sell at a lower price and still maintain their profits. How does this impact you other than a shorter battery life expectance? Today’s vehicles have an average of 45 computers onboard and some well over a hundred and a few over 200. Like any computer they depend on a clean power supply which comes from the alternator and the battery. Remember this, “the battery and its connections are KING!” In talking with fellow trainers around the country, we believe that a crop of poorly constructed batteries is causing onboard computers to set false codes (including misfires) and create odd drive ability issues (including transmission shift errors). This has led to some frustrating diagnostics and a lot of unnecessary parts replacement. So, do yourself a favor and request a premium battery and make sure the connections are sound. Your onboard computers will perform better.

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