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In the olden days, we used to be happy with just getting one set of keys.  And it wasn't that big a deal to simply run down to the local hardware store and have another set or two made.  But those days are pretty much behind us with the advent of computer chip keys.  Some of these computer chip keys cost as much as $300!  So make sure you get two sets of keys/fobs with that used car deal.   And just because that car you’re looking at has two sets of keys/fobs doesn't mean you're ready to go--there is more to know.  How we use keys has changed.  We used to unlock our car doors mechanically with a key thousands of times I know, life was tough in those days.  And when the driver’s door lock failed us, we could still get in on the passenger side.  But the key fob changed all that and life got easier.  Because we no longer use our door locks regularly, the manufacturers removed the passenger side door lock to save money and made the driver’s door lock of lesser quality.  Remember that old line, “use it or lose it?”  Just so happens that this applies to the driver’s door lock.  Because the door locks are seldom used, are made cheaper, corrode easier, and don’t wear to match the key, they are doomed to fail.  So we need to perform a key/fob test to make sure everything is in working order.  Examine the keys/fobs for equal wear, identical logos, color and abuse.  Some keys, like the all-in-one fob with folding blade, are pretty difficult to mimic.  Keep in mind that the onboard computer must be programmed to acknowledge all keys and fobs or they will not work.  Take only one set of the keys to the car at a time.  The reason for this is that many computers will recognize a key with a security chip nearby and allow a blank key to start the vehicle.  Use the door key to mechanically lock and unlock the door.  Verify that it does or does not have a passenger door lock.  Did the key bind, move stiffly or not at all?  Now start the engine and be aware of how the key moves in the ignition.  Try turning multiple times to get a feel for the ignition.  Then lock and unlock the door with the key fob.  Do all door locks operate properly?  Go get the other set of keys and repeat the process.  Don't forget to try the trunk lock with a key (and some fobs have a trunk release button) and the inside release lever.  You don't want to get home to find out one set of keys is a fake or that the other fob works incorrectly.


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