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Buyer Beware, cheap AC work can leave you breathless!
When an economy shifts from quality (craftsmanship) to price (we’re the cheapest), than trade-offs must be made. In the automotive air conditioning world that usually comes in the form of a cheaper Freon (refrigerant or R134a substitute), what you add to restore your cold air.  I just received this advertisement for R134a at a very low price.  But this product is known as a blend, it uses hydrocarbons (think gasoline, propane, butane and fire).  Because of a loop-hole in the law (like you can buy, sell and own fire crackers but you can’t shoot them off), it is allowed to be sold and there will always be a buyer.  The problem is you don’t want this in your car!  It is very unsafe (think of a small propane leak behind your dash, especially if you smoke), it is very unstable (the blend wants to separate and the lighter gases leak out first, causing an imbalance with less cooling affects), it is very dangerous to work on (mechanics have been burned and killed) and it voids all car parts and shop equipment manufacturers warranties.
I do not know this to be true, but I have read that an insurance company could deny a repair claim because the AC system was illegally serviced and cross contaminated.  And right now our industry is on a counterfeit refrigerant alert, name brand cylinders (with fake labels) are even being sold with blended gases.
So, we must remain ever-vigilant to protect your investment.

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