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A Kodak Moment, Just Take Your Best Shot!
I think we can all agree, that cars have become quite complicated.  And figuring out what’s wrong with them takes time.  We often get calls, asking; “how much does it cost to diagnose my car?”  Free or low priced diagnostic fees eventual rely on a best guess.  We jokingly refer to these as a Kodak-moment; right or wrong, just take your best shot.  But when parts manufacturers tell us that 75% of the fuel pumps and 85% of the catalytic converters replaced had nothing wrong with them; I think that’s too much!  Just because a car doesn’t start, does it mean the fuel pump is bad?  Or a Check Engine code P0420 or P0430 for catalytic converter inefficiency, does it mean that the catalytic converters should be replaced?  According to the statistics the odds are they are not.  Next time you have your car diagnosed, ask your mechanic what evidence he has that supports his recommended repair or is it just a Kodak-moment.

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