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Last night and tonight, John and I are in class learning about explosives. Yup, all cars today use small amounts of explosives to tighten up the seat belts, deploy the air bags and some vehicles separate the positive battery cable, especially Hybrids. If you drive a 2006 or newer model you have one of these enhanced systems.  This means that a computer is making a judgment call as to which components will be fired; seat belt only, air bag and belt, stage one or two air bags, head rests, steering columns, rollover protection (side curtains) and/or positive battery cable.

Here are some things you should know about SRS (Supplemental Restraint System).

The manufacturer of your vehicle has to guarantee that the air bag deploys correctly for 10 years.  After that time period the air bag most likely will deploy on impact but the condition of the stored (folded for 10+ hot summers and very cold winters) air bag may be in question.

Never tap into or repair any circuit with the bright yellow wires.  These safety system harnesses can only be replaced when damaged.

Whenever any part of a SRS system has been deployed, be it seat belt or air bag, the computer has recorded the basics of the accident.  That computer and deployed devices must be replaced.

Have you been in a vehicle that deployed the air bags?  What was your experiences?


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