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Engine stalled and was towed.  Preliminary diagnosis showed that the engine had lost fuel supply and the pump was no longer running.  For many, the diagnosis would have stopped there, for a while anyway.  But there is one more step.  Do you have power at the pump?  We did not.  Found a blown fuse and replaced.  Engine started and ran for some time.  Hummmmmm.  Why the blown fuse?  Many would have considered that to be the fix.  But a long-story short; we found a wire that had rubbed through and was barely touching the bottom of the floor board of the vehicle.  This bare wire (see pink wire in center of the photo) is known as an intermittent short (touches every now and then) to ground (bare metal).  There is over 3,000 ft of wire on today's vehicles and as they rattle and roll down the road, this has become a more common problem.  It just goes to show that things are not always as they appear.

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