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A quick fix but an unreliable connectionWhat seems like a simple fix can leave you out in the cold.

What may seem like an easy fix can leave you stranded or cost you more in electrical repairs. You see them everywhere in parts stores and home service centers. It’s the universal battery terminal end; a quick fix for a corroded or damaged battery terminal clamp. It seems like an easy fix; cut off the old end, strip back some of the cable insulation and bolt it on, simple enough and cheap. But here is the rub. The manufactures install a battery cable that is the exact size for your vehicle; no more, no less. When you or a mechanic installs a universal terminal end as a repair, the effectiveness of that cable repair has been reduced by 50%. Notice in the photo how the wires look like loose spaghetti, crisscrossing and frayed? Electricity travels from one surface to another, so they all need to touch each other across their lengths in order to be effective, hence the reason the manufacture crimps (clamps very tightly) the end on. Plus, the wires are exposed and corrosion sets in, damaging the cable. We have seen multiple alternators, starters and batteries replaced just because of this type of repair. We have even seen drivability issues, like the loss of power all because of a universal battery terminal. If your vehicle has this type of repair, have a professional clamp a new terminal end on or replace the cable.

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